Technician - Production

Job Responsibilities:
Meet or exceed the company's safety goals, standards and policies
Fully supports, accurately completes, maintains, and instills corporate Health, Safety, and Environmental policies & procedures and relevant documentation at the facility
Operate and maintain responsibility for a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly facility
Actively demonstrates identified mastering skill sets in daily operational duties, in addition
Ensure customer product delivery requirements and pertinent documentation and affiliated reporting requirements are completed on time and with zero defects
Participate in operational and maintenance tasks within facility work group without interruption of customer product deliveries
Foster open communication among all facility Technicians in relation to best practices, operational or Facility needs, safety issues or concerns, conflicts of interest between shifts or other departments, and sharing operational knowledge and expertise
Administrative function responsibilities as delegated by supervisor
Facility record keeping and documentation
CMMS input and work order generation
Involvement in generating and maintaining site-specific Standard Operating Procedures
Innovation and improvement project involvement
Ensure on-site contractors, vendors, guests, or visitors site specific training requirements are met and documented, as applicable to the facility
Active participation in facility safety meetings and inspections
Routine communication with customer operations group ensuring product delivery requirements are being satisfactorily fulfilled
Follow policies and procedures on proper notification times for vacation scheduling, floating holidays, and personal days off
Fill in for vacations and emergency shift relief coverage as situations warrant
Share "On-Call" responsibility
Required Qualifications:
High school diploma or equivalent
2+ years of related operations experience
Exhibits and understanding of customer requirements, operational goals and demands, plant process optimization, and critical process loops
Understands and follows National & Local Standard Operating Procedures
Performs light and routine maintenance in accordance with EAP & LST procedures
Conducts acceptance test/start-up reviews with Operations & Maintenance
Approves acceptance tests for completed maintenance
Plans and schedules own work and others' work
Optimizes plant process
Fully starts-up, operates, stops, secures, and re-establishes steady state conditions after a shutdown, without direction
Conducts efficiency analysis (power, heat transfer, etc.) including troubleshooting
Documents maintenance history in CMMS
Applies problems solving skills effectively
Demonstrates understanding of plant efficiency goals and customer product demands
Demonstrates in-depth understanding of plant process
Demonstrates basic understanding of equipment control logic and critical process loops as performed by the PLC/DCS
Travel as needed
Physical Requirements:
Must be able to wear required PPE safety equipment including, hardhat, safety glasses, safety shoes/boots, and FRC clothing
Must be able to lift 50lbs
Preferred Qualifications:
Associates degree or technical training.

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